Frenchie Care Guide

French bulldogs are an elite class of dog: beautiful, intelligent, opinionated, and cuddly it is easy to see why they are such a highly sought after breed. The french bulldog is only able to breed through artificial insemenation, it is critical that much thought is applied for breeding: lineage, composition, and heath status all need to be taken into consideration prior to breeding. Females can only give birth via C-section, and can only have a limited number of births. It is strongly advised to keep your frenchie in an appropriate living climate, as they do not have protection from cold temperatures and excess time in the heat can be damaging as well. The protruding eyes of this breed require weekly care to ensure the area stays clean and dry. A factor to consider when traveling is keeping in mind your frenchie’s small snout, verify that they have plenty of air and breathing room.

French bulldogs are an unforgettable breed and will find a place next to your heart, loving and cuddly they are the perfect addition for any household!