Boston Terrier Care Guide

If you have a Boston Terrier it’s like having a lightening bolt whiz through your home full of energy, intelligence, and oh so much love to share with you! These dogs are very easy to care for, they requiring minimal grooming and often times are easy to train. When it comes to training a Boston, we would recommend treat reinforcement and vocal praise following desired behavior for a fast learning curve. Boston Terrier’s are known for their prominent eyes, its critical to check your Boston’s eye and surrounding areas weekly and keep this area clean and dry. A great time to do this is when your Boston wants to cuddle next to you, as they are known for being very cuddly. A fun fact to mention is the Boston Terrier has been called, ”The American Gentleman” once again showcasing that urge to please their owner’s.

Enjoy loving and sharing memories with your Boston Terrier, truly a terrific breed!